About Me

Hi! I’m Sharon

Welcome to my wellness blog

I’m a medical oncologist and palliative care physician. However, this blog is neither about cancer nor is it about dying. I’m not writing as doctor, but as a fellow seborrheic dermatitis sufferer.

I thought I was ‘well’ because I didn’t have any diagnosed diseases. Then, as I neared by 40th birthday, I realized that I really wasn’t well at all. I was chronically tired, anxious and had the most horrible skin.

As fate would have it, at the same time, I started breaking out in a horribly itchy, painful rash on face and neck. Annoyingly, my GP did a few tests, gave me a steroid cream and sent me on my way, telling me I was fine.

Sadly, I realized that doctors have no idea and don’t have the time to look deeper. Naturopaths and other practitioners might spend more time and charge more money, but ultimately, will only be pedalling their own alternative medications and formulas.

That was when I took things into my own hands. I can say I am a seborrheic dermatitis expert, not because I have official qualification. But because I suffer from it, I’ve researched it more than most doctors, and I’m invested in finding a cure.