Does the food you eat trigger seb derm? (29/01/2023)


Last weekend was a busy one for me. We celebrated the lunar new year. For the first time in years I cooked a meal for the extended family. It was tough! Give me a blog post to write any day.

While planning what to cook for our lunch, I prioritized taste and popular demand rather than ‘healthy’. It wasn’t bad food, but I certainly added more sugar and cooked more carbs than I usually would.

The last week was a bit stressful, the weather was more than a bit humid, and I ate more sugar than I care to admit. I half expected a flare of my seb derm rash but thankfully, it was only an acne flare on my chin.

Must have forgotten to wash my mouth after lunch 😀

Is there a connection between diet and seb derm? 

There is actually no concrete evidence that the foods you eat can trigger a seb derm flare.

Having said that, the link between foods and seborrheic dermatitis has hardly been studied. The only significant study that showed an association between food and SD found that a diet high in fruits was associated with a lower risk of seb derm while a ‘Western’ diet in women was associated with more seb derm.

However, I’m convinced our diets play a role in how severe our seb derm is. We are what we eat. Your diet may not directly trigger a flare but it can certainly affect your immune system, damage your skin barrier, alter your gut and skin bacteria, and even change your sebum composition.

All those factors can trigger a seb derm rash.

If you have seb derm, consider avoiding:

  • dairy
  • sugar
  • processed foods

You can read more about why I’m not a fan of those foods in this article:

What foods trigger seborrheic dermatitis?

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