Is Seb Derm Itchy? Plus A Bit About Beards (09/07/2023)


When you read about Seb Derm, itch is often not mentioned. It’s odd because itch is most definitely part of a seborrheic dermatitis rash. In fact, when my face and neck starts itching, it’s a herald symptom that a red rash will be forming soon if I don’t nip the flare in the bud.

Plus, dandruff, which is a mild form of scalp Seb Derm, is often itchy. Annoyingly so.

Regardless of what some ‘experts’ say, Seb Derm is a skin condition that can be itchy, although not everyone will experience this symptom.

If you have seborrheic dermatitis, you know how itchy and uncomfortable it can be, especially during the inflammed phase.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to reducing itch. However, these 2 tips give you the best bang for your buck:

1. Keep your skin moisturized so it’s not too dry or too oily. Don’t slather on a large amount of moisturizer in one go because when your skin is inflammed, it doesn’t absorb product as well and that leads to a heavy, oily feeling on your face.

2. Apply an antifungal cream twice a day religiously. When you reduce the amount of Malassezia on your skin, it not only shortens your Seb Derm flare, but also reduces inflammation and itch quickly. Again, less is more. A thin layer will do.

Read more about why itching happens in Seb Derm and more tips on how to reduce this annoying symptom.

Interesting Finds

EltaMD Light Moisturizer works well when your skin can’t take heavier creams. It’s moisturizes without leaving your skin feeling oily.

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Reader Questions

Which Beard Balm is safe for Beard Seb Derm?

When a reader asked this question on the blog a few weeks ago, I said I would look into it and I’ve come to 2 major conclusions:

1. Most beard balms contain roughly similar ingredients.

2. Most beard balms are not safe for Seb Derm!

Having said that, I’m not one to give up easily. The review article is in the works but I can happily say the best beard balm for Seb Derm IMHO is the ironically named Just For Men The Best Beard Balm Ever.

Watch out for a Beard-themed newsletter next week!

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