Use essential oils in your shampoo to fight dandruff (17/03/2023)


In recent months I’ve been playing around with essential oils – making my own perfume blend, adding them to creams, and even into my shampoo! More on that later.

I’m trying to move towards more natural products with less chemicals in them. It’s a hard slog. Our world is filled with synthetics, even in products that claim to be natural.

Essential oils is a good start into this world. Just be careful where you get your essential oils. There are so many brands out there but many don’t contain pure essential oils (or even real ones!)

I have a few favorite brands. One of them is Plant Therapy – every single oil they produce is third party tested and certified. Plus, they provide lots of education around use of essential oils. Check out their extensive range of essential oils out! (this is not a sponsored email, but the link is an affiliate link)

I’m failing with essential oil perfumes – I haven’t found a way to make the scent last longer than a few minutes. If you have any bright ideas, let me know.

However, I’ve found adding a few drops of tea tree oil to my regular shampoo really helps with dandruff! It smells great while you’re shampooing. The best part is, unlike many anti-dandruff shampoos, it doesn’t leave your hair dry and brittle. Try it out.

Interesting finds:

I found two ‘new’ essential oils called Lelana and Leleshwa that are supposed to be good for soothing your skin and clearing blemishes. I’ve yet to take a deep dive into these oils but if you’re interested, check them out here.

Recent articles:

I love ylang ylang as part of my perfume blend. It reminds me of lavender, but smells more sensual. I thought I would take a deep dive into whether there is any role for ylang ylang in my seb derm regimen and this is what I found. Spoiler alert: It’s good for people with dry skin.

Recent videos:

I also have a new video out – Does oregano oil deserve a place in your seb derm regimen?

Stay healthy, happy, safe and rash-free!

Until next week,

Sharon G.

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