Bakuchiol: A non-irritative natural alternative to retinol (15/02/2023)


Retinol is this wonder drug for clearing pores and acne, anti-aging, skin brightening, and possibly everything under the sun. But, boy is it irritating!

Throughout my life, everytime I started using retinol, even the mildest, gentlest ones, my skin would burn and start flaking.

When I started getting seb derm flares, my retinols went into storage. There was no way I could use them when my face was already red and inflammed (further reading: Is retinol good for seb derm?)

Today, I can use retinol creams 2-3 times a week but that’s another story. What I found better than retinol is bakuchiol.

Have you heard of bakuchiol?

Neither did I until I found MooGoo Bakuchiol. This compound is derived from the babchi herb and is a natural alternative to retinol. Studies found bakuchiol just as effective as retinol minus the irritation (this is one of the randomized controlled studies if you’re interested)

If you’re still struggling with seb derm flares frequently, it may still be too irritating for you. If your skin is calmer but still very sensitive, try bakuchiol out.

Check out some of the popular brands offering bakuchiol:

ACURE Dual Phase Bakuchiol

ANDALOU Naturals Bakuchiol

SkyOrganics Bakuchiol

Recent videos:

Is retinol good for seb derm?


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