Cetaphil for seborrheic dermatitis

Cetaphil is a popular brand of skin care products. It is often recommended for use on seborrheic dermatitis. However, there is no evidence that cetaphil is effective in treating this condition. Cetaphil products are gentle enough to be used by most people and won’t aggravate seborrheic dermatitis. However the products are not medicated and therefore, will not treat seborrheic dermatitis.

Let’s take a deep dive:

Is Cetaphil good for seborrheic dermatitis?

Cetaphil is a brand name of a range of skin care products, many of which are marketed as being gentle and effective for people with seborrheic dermatitis. The company has several products in its range that may be useful to help treat the condition, including Cetaphil Pro DermaControl Oil Removing Foam Wash, Antibacterial Bar, and Pro Acne Prone Oil-Free Facial Moisturizing Lotion SPF25.

Cetaphil is a good brand and has gentle and effective products that can be used on a daily basis. However, the Cetaphil skincare line is not medicated. If you’re looking for a treatment for seborrheic dermatitis, Cetaphil is not the answer.

Also, not all Cetaphil products are suitable for treating seborrheic dermatitis. Some products in the range contain ingredients that can aggravate seborrheic dermatitis, such as glycerin and oils.

Can Cetaphil be used on the scalp?

Cetaphil products can be used on the scalp. In the past, parents used Cetaphil cleansers for cradle cap – lathering it on before wiping it away with a damp face cloth. Now Cetaphil has a Baby Wash and Shampoo with Calendula that you can use instead.

Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo with Organic Calendula ,Tear Free , Paraben, Colorant and Mineral Oil Free , 13.5 Fl. OzCheck it out on Amazon

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Can I use Cetaphil skin lotion on my hair?

Another way to make use of Cetaphil is on your hair. If you have an oily scalp and a tendency to flake, you can use Cetaphil skin lotion to tame your fly away hair instead of smoothing oils. The product will help keep your hair under control without introducing more oil to your scalp.

Best cetaphil products to treat seborrheic dermatitis

Cetaphil Pro Acne Prone Oil Control Foam Wash

Cetaphil PRO DermaControl Oil Removing Foam Wash 8 oz (Pack of 3) - Packaging May VaryCheck it out on Amazon

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This foam was contains licorice root extract and zinc which is proven to improve seborrheic dermatitis. It comes out like a light weight foam, removes oil easily, leaving a clean face and neck. You can even use it on your scalp as a gentle shampoo.

If you’re older, most of us tend to have dry skin that causes increase sebum overproduction instead of oily skin. This foam wash would be overly drying and may cause your skin to flake. I only recommend this for the young and oily.

Cetaphil Pro Acne Prone Oil-Free Facial Moisturizing Lotion

Cetaphil Pro Acne Prone Oil Free Facial Moisturising Lotion SPF 25 118mlCheck it out on Amazon

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This light-weight moisturizer contains ceramide, vitamin B5 and vitamin E to hydrate, soothe and restore skin barrier. More importantly, it doesn’t contain any oil.

Please note that this moisturizer uses chemical sunscreen to block UV light. If you prefer physical sunscreen ingredients, this is not for you.

Cetaphil Antibacterial Bar

Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar, 4.5 Ounce (Pack of 6)Check it out on Amazon

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For a deep clean, use the Cetaphil Antibacterial Bar. This bar is specially formulated for sensitive skin to wash away dirt, excess oils and dead skin cells.

As a soap, it can be drying if you use it too often. I recommend only using the bar soap for a deeper clean once every few days.

To wrap up

Truthfully, even though Cetaphil might be a ‘dermatologist recommended brand’, I still prefer brands with more natural ingredients. I also don’t find Cetaphil products particularly helpful to improve my SD. However, if you love the brand, you can try the products above to see if they help with your seborrheic dermatitis.

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