Seawater makes Seb Derm worse (09/04/2023)


If you’ve been around Seb Derm reddit threads, you would have heard sea water and sea salt enthusiasts swear that salt water healed their seb derm.

Seawater is a complex mixture of dissolved minerals, salts, and organic materials (like urine and poop), and its composition can vary depending on factors such as location (Alaska vs India), depth, and temperature.

With your damaged skin barrier, do you really want all that absorbing into your bloodstream?

Typically, seawater has a salinity of around 3.5%, which means that about 35 grams of salt are dissolved in every liter of seawater. Sea water is often thought to have healing properties for various skin conditions, but for those with seb derm, it may actually worsen the problem.

Sea water (and sea salt) can potentially disrupt the skin’s natural pH balance.Skin typically has a pH level between 4.1 and 5.8, which is on the acidic side, while sea water is slightly alkaline. This imbalance could lead to increased inflammation and irritation in affected areas.

Plus, salt in sea water can dry out the skin, exacerbating the itchiness and flakiness associated with seborrheic dermatitis.

I take a deep dive in this article.

I also checked out if cedarwood oil and frankincense oil is good for seb derm.

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Reader Questions:

During a scaling phase, you recommend a natural, rich moisturizer.  Do you have a brand you recommend? In the past, rich moisturizers always increase the itching and oiliness, specifically on my forehead near the eyebrows.

You’re right. I do recommend a rich moisturizer during scaling. It’s to protect your skin barrier and keep your skin hydrated while it heals.

The trick is to use only a little each time. Apply a thin layer in the morning and reapply it every few hours as your skin dries out (and it will, multiple times in the day).

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Stay healthy, happy, safe and rash-free!

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