Happy New Year! (01/01/2023)


I hope you had a good Christmas, filled with joy and happiness 😊

As we say good bye to 2022, I’d like to take this time to reflect on the year. Time passes so fast and yet, when you look back on just this one year, so much had happened. There would have been ups and downs, good times and bad times… All these little moments make up the fabric of our life.

This time last year, I was struggling big time with seb derm. My whole face and neck was covered with a painful, oozy rash. I’m eternally grateful that I found out how to best manage it and stop the rash from controlling my life.

Almost everyone talks about all the creams and potions you can put on your skin to treat seb derm. I don’t disagree that these topical treatments are important.

However, what I found most important for my rash and my health in general, is the diet and lifestyle changes that I made.

I have a confession to make.

This Christmas, I went pig.

I ate and drank way too much. Even when I didn’t particularly like the junk I was eating.

As a result, I had sugar crashes, my anxiety and self-doubt worsened, I fell sick with a bad cold, and I got what I like to call ‘mini-flares’. This is when I can feel the itch and inflammation starting underneath my skin but there is no visible rash yet.

But that’s OK. It’s never too late to start again.

Now that Christmas is over, and the new year is here, I’m determined to get back to my healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes it’s hard to stop eating junk once you’ve started. I wrote ‘How to stop eating junk food‘ this time last year when I first started trying. Maybe it will help you too.

I know that you’re here because of seb derm, but seborrheic dermatitis doesn’t exist by itself. It’s part of a bigger problem – your body telling you that it’s in trouble.

Let this be the year you take control of seb derm and of your life. Not with creams. But by changing your life.

Have an amazing 2023!



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