It’s OK to Take a Break from Healthy (11/12/2022)


I can’t believe how quickly the last one week flew by! First my 4 year old started waking up from storms in the night, then my 2 year old got sick and we ended up in the children’s hospital one night. He’s all better now but man, what a week!

Needless to say, I oscillated between exhaustion, stress and overwhelm. As a result, I stress ate and stopped caring for myself as I should.

While the last week was more dramatic than most, I’m sure we can all agree that we go through some amount of stress, fatigue and overwhelm almost every week. And sometimes we do things we know are bad for us just because.

With Christmas in 2 weeks and treats abound, it’s so easy to reach for another piece of cookie or chocolate.

I’m here to tell you it’s OK to ‘fail’. As long as you get back on your horse and continue doing what’s right for your body. It’s also OK to ‘take a break’ from a healthy lifestyle and just enjoy yourself for a bit. What’s life without pleasure?

And if your seb derm rears its ugly head because you’ve been a bit naughty, just make sure you have an antifungal cream handy (I compare antifungal creams in this article). Applying antifungal cream twice a day will reduce the amount of Malassezia on your skin and help reduce inflammation. It’s not a cure but it will keep the rash at bay while you get your act together again.

By the way, I’ve just uploaded my third Youtube video today:

You can click on the picture to watch the video. I have a long way to go but my videos are getting better. Most importantly, I’m having fun making them.

Til next week. Take care 🙂


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